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Introducing Innovative Powder Mixing Plants from Utranazz

Introducing Innovative Powder Mixing Plants from Utranazz

Utranazz’s new and innovative concrete powder mixing plants represent a significant leap forward in construction technology, offering enhanced efficiency, precision, and versatility in construction powder blending. Equipped with state-of-the-art automation and control systems, these plants ensure seamless operation, consistent quality, and control over the entire process. They range from compact mobile plants to larger installations tailored for high-volume production, catering to diverse construction needs.

Applications include:

  • Substrates
  • Mortars for plaster
  • Screeds
  • Construction adhesives
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Cement alternatives using GGBS, Fly Ash, PFA


Key Features of Powder Mixing Plants

Key features of our new powder blending plants include:

  • Automation: Personal computer controls, PLC integration, and electronic load cell weighing systems ensure precise dosing and consistent mixing, maximising production efficiency.
  • Efficiency: Rapid installation, quick setup times, and automated operation reduce manual labour requirements, enhancing productivity.
  • Scalability: Flexible design allows integration with additional components for tailored solutions, meeting evolving project requirements and production demands.

These features make powder mixing plants a significant milestone for the construction industry, providing a number of benefits that can revolutionise how you approach powder blending.


Precision and Consistency

By leveraging advanced automation and control systems, such as those included with the BS040 Mobile Powder Mixing Plant, these plants ensure precise dosing of materials and consistent blending, eliminating variations and inconsistencies in the powder mixture. This precision enhances the quality and uniformity, ensuring that the final construction product meets the required specifications and standards consistently.


Efficiency and Productivity

The automation features of these plants streamline production processes, reducing manual labour requirements and minimising the risk of errors. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity.


Flexibility and Adaptability

With their scalable design and modular components, these plants offer flexibility to adapt to varying project requirements and production demands. They can be easily configured and integrated with additional equipment such as Silos or Batching Plants, allowing for tailored solutions that meet specific needs. For example, our BS040 Static Tower Powder Mixing Plant can be custom-made to deliver a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and operation.


Sustainability Benefits of Powder Mixing Plants

Manufacturing cement is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. One alternative, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), requires less energy compared to cement, lowering the overall carbon footprint of construction projects, while offering comparable benefits.

By blending GGBS with cement in a Utranazz blending plant, contractors can achieve significant carbon reductions without compromising the final product’s integrity. Some industry estimates suggest carbon reductions of up to 48% can be achieved by incorporating a 75% mix of GGBS in structural mixtures.

In addition, traditional premixes often lead to leftover or unused portions. Precise dosing capabilities of Utranazz's plants curb material wastage, reducing environmental impact.


Future Proofing the Construction Industry

The modern construction industry is facing a number of challenges as we head toward a net zero future, but one of these is volatile cement prices, which has been affecting all construction specialists across the globe. Utranazz's powder mixing plants offer a hedge against these fluctuations by providing construction specialists increased control over material selection.

Contractors can adapt their mix designs by incorporating cost-effective alternatives like GGBS or fly ash, mitigating the impact of rising cement prices.

Utranazz's powder blending plants are an investment in future-proofing construction operations. Their ability to reduce reliance on premixed materials, minimise environmental impact, and adapt to market fluctuations positions contractors for long-term success.


Southern Screed's Success with Mini VAB Powder Mixing Plant

Southern Screed, a Utranazz client, utilises the Mini VAB Powder Mixing Plant for on-site production of high-quality screeds. Utilising two 45-ton Silos to precisely batch and dose cement powder and Cemfloor binder into the VAB Blender, which mixes and blends the materials before transferring the final product into a screed truck. No more costly pre-blended materials – thanks to our Mini VAB Blender Southern Screed is achieving substantial cost savings by mixing their own materials on-site.


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The adoption of innovative powder mixing plants amplifies the benefits of using sustainable materials, enhancing production processes and overall project efficiency. By integrating modern blending plants into construction practices, contractors can deliver sustainable, cost-effective, and high-quality construction projects. Embracing innovative solutions like powder mixing plants is essential for driving efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the construction industry, ultimately delivering greater value to clients and stakeholders.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our powder mixing plants, you can browse our selection of these new and exciting products through our website. Alternatively, get in touch by phone (01280 820770), email ([email protected]), or contact form, and a member of our team will help find the right powder mixing plant for you.

Introducing Innovative Powder Mixing Plants from Utranazz

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