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Utranazz at ScotPlant 2024

Utranazz at ScotPlant 2024

Utranazz made a significant impact at ScotPlant 2024, Scotland's premier construction industry trade show.

ScotPlant offered a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to explore the latest innovations, technologies, and services in the construction sector. Against this backdrop, Utranazz showcased a range of top-of-the-line machinery, including two standout concrete pumps: the Sermac 5RZ46 Superlight Truck Mounted Concrete Pump and the TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump.


On Exhibition at ScotPlant

1. Sermac 5RZ46 Superlight Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Utranazz exhibited the Sermac 5RZ46, the perfect example of our commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

Constructed using advanced S900 special steel, this pump achieves a remarkable lightweight design whilst delivering outstanding performance. Its 46-metre reach, facilitated by a 5-section multi-fold boom, sets new benchmarks for versatility and efficiency.

The innovative 'RZ' boom, combining roll-fold and z-fold mechanisms, ensures unparalleled maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for navigating confined spaces with precision. A standout feature of this model is that the boom is able to open into its full reach in just 9.10m of space – perfect for confined spaces in need of precise concrete placement.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • 46-metre reach
  • 5-section multi-fold boom
  • ‘RZ’ boom


2. TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump

Tailored for urban works and confined spaces, the TB40 City Pump offered a compact yet powerful solution for concrete placement. With a pumping capacity of 40m³/hour, this pump delivered efficiency without compromising on size.

Perfect for residential job sites and bustling city centers, its compact footprint allows for seamless operation in environments that larger vehicles struggle to access. Developed by Utranazz in collaboration with Turbosol, the TB40 Concrete Line Pump demonstrates our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Key Features:

  • Affordable alternative to larger truck-mounted concrete pumps
  • 40m3/hour
  • Carry all pipework on board


3. Pro H CL Liquid Screed Pump

In addition to the featured concrete pumps, Utranazz showcased our cutting-edge Pro H CL Liquid Screed Pump, designed for pumping large volumes of self-leveling liquid screed with precision and efficiency.

Concrete Block Moulds

Attendees also explored an assortment of top-selling Blue Molds and concrete block moulds, highlighting Utranazz's comprehensive range of concrete equipment solutions available at ScotPlant.



Our stand also featured some representatives from SPAL - accompanying Utranazz to speak to attendees about their selection of products within the concrete industry. As their fans are fitted to most Utranazz concrete pumps and almost all of our trucks for HVAC and cooling purposes, it was great to be able to offer customers their expert insight. We think we worked seamlessly as a partnership and much like our concrete equipment, complemented each other perfectly!


A Round-Up of ScotPlant 2024

Utranazz's participation at ScotPlant 2024 was a resounding success, with our cutting-edge concrete solutions capturing the attention of industry professionals. The event provided an invaluable platform for us to engage with attendees, showcase our innovative products, and discuss how we could support construction projects with reliable, high-performance machinery.

Visitors to the Utranazz stand were impressed by the advanced features and versatility of the showcased equipment, recognising Utranazz's commitment to delivering excellence in the construction industry.

The team at Utranazz was delighted to network with industry peers, exchange insights, and forge new partnerships during ScotPlant 2024. Conversations at the event underscored the importance of sustainability, innovation, efficiency, and reliability in the construction sector, areas where Utranazz continues to excel.


Final Thoughts

Looking ahead, Utranazz remains committed to pushing the boundaries of concrete equipment innovation, delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. ScotPlant 2024 served as a testament to our position as a leader in the field, showcasing our dedication to providing customers with best-in-class equipment and exceptional service.

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Utranazz at ScotPlant 2024

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